I Remember

Over the weekend hubby was cleaning out a storage closet when he came across these flashcards.  He immediately called my name and handed them to me with a smile.  A flood of memories came to mind as I looked at these old, tattered cards.

I remember when I bought these flashcards for you MJ.  You were only 2 years old.

I remember you completely ignoring me for weeks when I wanted you to sit down and pay attention while I reviewed the cards.

I remember you throwing all of the cards at me and all over the room…Several Times.

I remember the smile that you had on your face as you threw them.

I remember making up songs to sing with each flashcard.

I remember months later when you began to look at me and the cards.

I remember when you finally came over to me and began to repeat the words.

I remember when you began to say/read the words ( in your own way) without looking at the pictures.

Then, I remember when they told me that you had what they thought was a “learning disability.”

I remember thinking, “They have to be wrong.  My son is waaaaay too smart.”

I remember feeling lonely and confused.

I remember praying and asking God, “help me to help MJ.”

I remember realizing that you could and would learn at your own pace.

I will never throw away these flash cards because they serve as a reminder of where you were, how hard you’ve worked, and how far you’ve come.