And This Is Why I Love Blogging!

Do you see that smile on my daughter’s face???  Absolutely priceless.  We finally taught her to ride her bike without the training wheels! For 2 years we had been trying to teach MJ and Morgan at the same time.  Every time we did that,  MJ would have a meltdown because he was so frustrated that he couldn’t do it.  We’d all end up back at home upset, angry, sad, or disappointed.  A few months ago I read a blog from someone about teaching their “neurotypical” child to ride their bike.  The person mentioned that their child was missing out because of their autistic child, and they finally realized it.  They decided to teach their “neurotypical” child first, then teach their autistic child next, but not both at the same time.  Sounds simple right? The thing is, I had NEVER even thought of doing that until I read it on a blog.  I can’t remember whose blog it was πŸ˜”.  I really want to thank that person.  I never forgot what I read that day and immediately told my husband that when we try again, we have to teach our daughter first, even if MJ gets upset.  It took about an hour to teach her.  My husband and I took turns.  One was outside teaching, while the other was inside with MJ. We were both so happy and proud that she did it!! We will try again soon with MJ.  For those of you that believe in prayer, please send some our way.  We will need it!