MJ Is Swimming?!

MJ at this year’s swim program beginning to float on his back! Yeah!

MJ’s two week swim program at school is now over.  After last year’s program he was able to swim with the “float board”.  After this year’s program he is so much more comfortable in the water.  He is now jumping in the pool, sliding down slides, floating on his back, and swimming!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, he is not ready for the Olympics, but he has made awesome progress.   Yesterday I took the kids to swim in their grandmother’s pool.   MJ was playing around and then all of a sudden began to swim from one end of the pool to the other.  He would not do it again if asked to (that kid!)  He only did it when no one was looking! I don’t have pics of that this time but I hope to have that soon.   So grateful for his teacher, swim teachers and his progress.  He will hopefully be swimming like a fish in no time!

Another Great Benefit of Moving Back To Florida!

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MJ swimming with the “board” at last year’s swim program  🙂

Starting Monday MJ will be able to receive 10 swimming and water safety lessons for FREE! The best part is that it is during the school day for two weeks.  It is actually a part of the curriculum for the special needs students in his elementary school.  The school bus will take the students to the swim classes during the day from about 9:30- 1:00 pm.  I have to tell you that 2 years ago we paid for private swim lessons for MJ.  He went several times a week for 3 months and it was a horrible experience.  He would scream at the top of his lungs and say “I can’t do it”! He would cry and yell off and on throughout the lesson.  The instructor claimed to be trained in teaching kids with autism how to swim but we saw NO evidence of that.  I believe she made MJ more scared of the water than he was before.  Last year, MJ was able to participate in the school swim program and it was awesome.  By the end of the two weeks he was swimming from one end of the pool to the other using a “board”(can’t remember the name of it).   I am so grateful for this because we had nothing even close while living in Georgia.  In fact I was turned away from the local park/pool because they didn’t have anyone that taught special needs kids how to swim.  My son loves being in the water and I know how important it is for our kids to learn about water safety.  I am determined to make sure he learns how to swim one way or the other!

Featured imageLetter from the school regarding the swim program.

“Autism Swims” Event!

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Yesterday at our local civic center, there was an event called Autism Swims.  This event was for kids with autism to come and receive free water safety and swim lessons.  There was also the local fire dept. and police officers in attendance as well as the autism society and other related vendors.  It was a really fun event and I only wish that it happened more than once a year.  We have been trying to teach MJ to swim for over 2 years now.  We even had him in private one-on-one lessons and it was actually horrible for him.  I am really grateful for the experiences that MJ had with the wonderful people at this event.  I found it very interesting that a middle school student thought of creating this event and eventually made it finally happen.  MJ saw it on the calendar in our kitchen and he was thrilled to be doing something special just for him…It was a great day!

Featured imageWaiting for the event to begin.

Featured imagePic with a local fire fighter.

Featured image Swim lesson from an instructor.

Featured imageDoing the “tango” 🙂

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We can’t wait for next year!