MJ’s 5th Grade Graduation!

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MJ and his 5th grade teacher Ms. H!!!

Most kids are in elementary school for 6 school years.  MJ was in elementary school for 8 school years because he attended school from the age of 3 with the special needs pre-k.  He has learned so much in school beyond the alphabet and basic math.  He has learned to be more social and make friends.  He knows how to appropriately greet someone.  He has learned how to use the computer pretty well.  He has had experiences learning about different animals.  He has even learned to fly a kite! He has also learned to be more independent and go to breakfast and walk to his classroom by himself.  I know I have to cut the “apron strings” but I LOVE the apron strings.  I have had them for the last 8 years.  They have helped me to feel secure and know that these teachers will communicate with me daily and keep my child safe.  Now that he is going to middle school my mind is racing with all of the “what ifs”.   I must now pray and ask God to help me cope with his transition to middle school.  It will probably be more stressful for me than him!  We have truly been blessed with amazing, caring, loving, and intelligent teachers. My prayer is that this continues throughout his middle and high school career.