That Time When…

This #FBF (Flasback Friday) pic was taken a month after…That time when we specifically moved the coffee table out of the living room because we knew our son AKA “The Road Runner” would run into it It was a safety hazard so once again we moved it to the guest bedroom and always kept the door shut But one day I needed something in the guest room and MJ was in the living room watching TV so I opened the door to get the item and MJ Zoomed passed me, jumped, and then hit his head on said coffee table The spot he hit on his head opened up immediately and began to bleed horribly Hubby remembered what he’d watched during boxing matches and slathered the area with Vaseline We had to rush him to the hospital where we had to hold him down in order for them to give him stitches It was crazy horrible and we haven’t had a coffee table since…
Yeah, I remember that time.  πŸ˜