#TBT Pics of MJ

Every time I look back at these pictures I have a good belly laugh! MJ was 3 years old and in the special needs pre-k class.  He was so unbelievably loud and hyper at that time.  You can actually tell by looking at the pic on the left.  I’m still amazed that they were able to keep him seated for any amount of time.  This was also the year that they began to teach him how to use the computer.   I truly miss the teachers he had that year.  They were a Godsend in more ways than one!

#FBF Pics of MJ

These pictures aren’t the greatest in picture quality but they hold a special place in my heart.  This was MJ’s first special needs Pre-k class. He had recently turned 3 and wasn’t technically diagnosed with autism until about 3 months after these pics were taken.  I can remember being so scared about him being in a huge school but we were so happy that he would be getting the help that he needed.  At the time we thought it was only a speech delay.  On this particular day his teacher sent me an email explaining what a great day he had and how he loved playing with the bubbles…I stared at these pictures this evening…My little boy has come so far. 



#TBT Pic of MJ :-)

This pic wants taken when MJ was just 3 and a half years old.  He was the student of the month at the special needs pre-k in Georgia.  I was recently sent this pic by a friend and was so excited because I had lost this pic in our move to Florida. I’m very grateful to have it again. I love this kid😊


#TBT Pics: He Has Come A Long Way!

Featured image

This was MJ at 3 years old when he was first diagnosed.  He was having fun completing a sorting activity in his special needs Pre-K.  He has always had that smile and has always loved school.

Featured image

Yep you guessed it…He needed TWO therapists to assist him at the same time.  This pic is from 2008 (4 years old).  He needed one person to basically hold him down and one therapist to actually do the activity with him.  During those days he would yell, scream, and cry during the first 20 minutes of therapy.

Some people say “it’s not good to look back”, but in this case I am glad that I do.  Looking back is really helping me to see how far he has truly come.  🙂