These 2 Men Are Amazing!

Happy Father’s Day! I posted this to my Instagram account and figured I would post it here as well (hope the videos play). This year we treated Hubby to a much needed massage and some treats. He’s an awesome dad to our children and we love and appreciate him so very much❤️.

I also can’t forget about the man that raised me! I can’t begin to explain how great of a father he was/is! I’m so thankful to God that he was chosen to be My Daddy 😍.

“Are You Autistic or Something?”

This is the second time in a year that I have heard one child say this to another child.  It happened right in front of me and I had to use everything within my mind, soul, and body to remain as adult and professional as I could without “going off” on the child.

After taking a long, deep breath I explained to her that the statement was ignorant, rude, and offensive. I explained how intelligent Autistics are and how they think and see the world differently.  I encouraged her to do some research.  Then I proceeded to show her my huge autism pin along with two autism bracelets that I was wearing proudly!

It made me extremely sad for the entire day.  I kept thinking, “Where are they getting this information from?  Of all of the things that could have been said, why was “autistic” chosen?”  It showed me that WE STILL HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO!  If we want our kids to truly be accepted, then kids and adults must be educated about autism.  I also wondered, why did I hear it?  Is this something God wanted me to hear for a reason?

Towards the end of the day, the child did apologize but it didn’t change the way that I felt and still feel.  MJ does not deserve a world that thinks so little of him.









It was an awesome time of vacationing.  The kids spent time with family while hubby and I went on our annual “Stay Married Vacation.” I don’t take for granted the blessing it is to have family that we trust to spend time with and take care of the kids.  

“Thanks Auntie K and Uncle C for taking us to the aquarium!”

Thanks Granddad and Grandma for taking us to jump our hearts out!






Its been a long day.  

I’ve been on my feet for over 7 hours.  

It rained on the way home and I was stuck in traffic for a bit.  

I checked the kids’ bookbags as I do daily and realized they BOTH had homework.  Why dear God…Why?!?

So it’s been an hour and 45 minutes and finally all homework is done!

My daughter is pretty much self motivated but I do have to double check her work.   

MJ while an angel at school when they ask him to work, is NOT cooperative at home.  He does not focus and literally acts like he doesn’t know how to do it when I KNOW that he can.  

I basically feel like I HAVE HOMEWORK whenever they have homework (sigh). 

Anyone else feel this way???